Double-Cleansing Saves Money

Tempted to skip the double cleanse? 

After a long day, it's easy to start skipping steps in your beauty routine or just saying that you'll get to it in the morning. In the morning, you might find yourself in a rush and say the same thing - you'll get to it later tonight. We all know how that goes!

What if you knew that cleansing saved you money and increased all your other products efficacy? 

Here is how it works.

Unless you are using dish soap (please do not ever do that!) to cleanse your skin, you are most likely not removing all the makeup, pollution, dirt and oil your skin accumulates in a given day. Our skin is bombarded all day long by free radicals, dirt, and oils and even the toughest of cleansers needs a little extra time to wipe that away. At night, you are rolling over and over on your pillowcase, which also houses dead skin cells, old oil, and probably a little bit of drool (no judgement here). 

So, it's important to really deep clean each time you wash your face to ensure that you get the maximum benefits. Otherwise, it might feel like you are wasting your time with an uphill battle.

In addition, this extra time spent cleansing helps replace the healthy lipids and preps the skin for maximum penetration of all other products you are about to layer. 

Now the amount needed of pricey oils and serums will be less and their benefits will be more. 

Sold yet? 

Here’s how to use your JOËLLE MARTINE Cleansers to ensure you’re double cleansing properly: 

morning cleanse

1. Cleanse your face and neck with one of our cleansers: 

Oat Cleanser, Clean and Tone Cleanser, or Rose Oat Cleanser. 

Rinse thoroughly.

2. Cleanse with one of our cleansers, this time add either our Vitamin C Polishing Crystals or our Everything Scrub. 

Spend about two minutes massaging this cleansing mixture on your entire face and neck avoiding your eyes. 

Rinse thoroughly. 

Your skin is ready and eager now to receive all the other products you will be layering, feeding your cells, resulting in a healthy and youthful glow. 

You will be delighted to find thatthat the amounts needed are a bit less, saving you money.

evening cleanse

1. Remove your makeup with Cleansing Water and Toner. 

(If your skin is super sensitive, you will simply double cleanse using only your Cleanser of choice.)

2. Cleanse with one of our cleansers as usual, skipping the Vitamin C Polishing Crystals or our Everything Scrub.

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