We would love the privilege of exploring how we can partner with you.

We would love the privilege of exploring 

how we can partner with you.

We would love the privilege of exploring 

how we can partner with you.

Consumers are tired of the over promising and under delivering of skin care products.  JOËLLE MARTINE skin care is a gorgeous line of Modern Apothecary products, many hand-crafted with organic and natural options. 

Our products are not only beautiful to the eye but will have your customers coming back to you for more. We make it easy for you to design and educate the perfect home-care regimen for your customers. We love how you can easily incorporate all of our products into your back bar for enhancement of all your services and leave your customers with a luscious youthful glow. Results develop customer loyalty and our products deliver results! 

Our product formulas are thoughtfully and intentionally designed to perform on everyone and take into consideration the ever increasing need to protect skin from the daily environmental onslaught of pollution and incoming solar and blue light damage. JOËLLE MARTINE products work for reactive skin, rosacea and eczema, women and men, teens and tweens. 

For instance, our Everything Scrub contains generous amounts of Enzymes, Vitamin C Crystals, and Lactic Acid balanced with enough anti-inflammatory ingredients to allow every user to experience a perfect result the very first use. This yin yang approach allows us to formulate active and mildly aggressive ingredients along with calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients so that our products cross over between sensitive and normal, dry and oily skin types. 

We incorporate botanicals containing complex properties carried by our Emu Nectar deep into the skin delivering a products that can:

  • Penetrate 

  • Stimulate

  • Calm

  • Restore

We love the partnership between Botanicals and Chemistry. For instance Pentapeptides, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Retinyl Palamate co-exist peacefully and work well with passion flower, pineapple, and royal jelly. Together they deliver products for those who expect their product purchases to produce pleasing, noticeable, results and not disappoint.

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