Cleansing in the Morning

Wondering if washing your face in the morning, even if you washed it before bed, is totally necessary? The answer is, yes! 

While you sleep, your cells are turning over and repairing skin. In addition to dead skin needing to be exfoliated, we collect other microbes that need to wash away like allergens and, possibly, bacteria and other unsavory things from our pillowcases. 

At JOËLLE MARTINE we recommend cleansing with one of our cleansers coupled with either our Everything Scrub or Vitamin-C Polishing Crystal Scrub to wake up your skin, prepare a clean slate, and rev-up your skin's circulation and hydration. All of which insures you receive the full benefits of all your luscious JOËLLE MARTINE products to follow. So do not deprive yourself of getting gorgeous skin by skipping the simple cleanse every morning!

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