Even those lucky ones who never have to deal with acne are now finding that prolonged wearing of a protective mask for COVID are experiencing “Mask-Ne”. 

Protective masks, no matter what they are made of dry out your skin, trigger inflammation, and harbor bacteria. Keeping the skin barrier intact is critical! 

At JOËLLE MARTINE we have all the ingredients needed for proper cleansing with exfoliation, hydration and moisturization, reducing inflammation, and controlling microbial growth. 

Here are our recommendations:

1. Always cleanse before and after prolonged use of a protective mask.

If you are wearing face makeup (maybe it’s time to breakup with foundation) first remove with our

Cleansing Water and Toner, then cleanse with one of our gentle cleansers,

Clean and Tone Cleanser if you tend to have clogged pores.

Oat Cleanser or Rose Oat Cleanser if you have inflammation, or broken skin.

Once a day for exfoliation and anti-bacterial benefits, add a dime-size amount of

Everything Scrub to your cleanser.

2. Always spritz after cleansing for antioxidant protection and hydration with either 

Mineral Spray Mist

Organic Rose Mist

3. Now you want to protect and heal your skin’s barrier with laying down a light application of one of our essential emu oils:

Emu Nectar 

Rose Gold Oil

Liquid Gold

Girl’s BFF

4. Lock in all that skincare bliss with one of our serums,

Moisturizing Day Serum

Moisturizing Night Serum

5. Now more than ever it is essential to take the time to masque at least twice weekly. 

Our masques all provide gentile exfoliation, deep pore cleansing, hydration, moisturization, healing and brightening. Each have little stronger capabilities so we are listing those for you. We encourage you to be creative and mix two or three together for a big wow effect!

Organic Rose Petal softens and brightens.

Organic Matcha Mix detoxifies pores and softens.

Organic Mixed Berry brightens and tightens.

Organic Apple Oat calms and restores.

Wearing a protective mask may be with us for a while. Now is a good time to make caring for your skin properly your new best self-care habit.